Bowtie Nationals® DRAG RACING

All Out Drag Racing Both Days & Fun Runs*
The Bowtie Nationals Drag Racing Classes

• Small Block NA – 434ci or less No Power Adders. ($1000/$250) Payouts – No Throttle Stop / No Delay Box
• Small Block PA – 434ci or less ($1000/$250) Payouts – No Throttle Stop / No Delay Box

• Big Block NA – 434ci or more No Power Adders. ($1000/$250) Payouts – No Throttle Stop / No Delay Box
Big Block PA – 434ci or more ($1000/$250) Payouts – No Throttle Stop / No Delay Box

• 13.00 Index Daily Driver ($250/$100)
• 12.00 Index Street ($500/$150)
• 11.00 Index Sportsman ($500/$100)
• 10.00 Index Super ($1000/$250)
• 9.00 Index Pro ($1500/$500)
• 8.50 Index ($1500/$500)
• Unlimited Outlaw ($1500/$500) Heads Up

FRIDAY & SATURDAY 8:00am – 9:00pm Drag Racing (weather permitting)

RACER Camping is included for all Drag Racing, must have a drag racing registered vehicle. Only one pit/crew vehicle is allowed per racer. Additional crew members are $25 (person only). All classes are 1/8 mile. All vehicles and drivers must comply with all NHRA/IHRA rules and/or safety certifications. No refunds for any reason and vehicle registrations are not transferrable. Full Tree is .500 Pro.

The Bowtie Nationals Friday Night Fun Runs are free for all registered show participants to take their vehicle down the track. *(If schedule allows)


MINORS: Anyone UNDER the age of 18 must have a parent/guardian sign a waiver form in front of a track official to drive during Bowtie Nationals.

TECH: All vehicles MUST purchase a tech card at the front gate, fill the card out/sign it, and take the tech card along with your vehicle to tech before being allowed to race.

SPEED LIMIT: The speed limit anywhere in the pit area of the racing facility is 5 MPH. The pit area is anywhere except the racing surface. ANYONE CAUGHT EXCEEDING THE 5 MPH SPEED LIMIT WILL BE DISQUALIFIED FROM THE EVENT.

ET BOOTH: All racers must come to a complete stop at the ET Booth when picking up their time slip. Racers are not to leave the ET Booth under excessive speed or by doing a burn-out. ANY RACER DISREGARDING THE ABOVE WILL BE DISQUALIFIED FROM THE EVENT.

SAFETY: For additional equipment and safety rules/guidelines please refer to the current NHRA rulebook.